That uni reunion and what really happens

I got the call.

6 years on, we were long due a visit to our old uni town, Plymouth. A slightly nicer version of Portsmouth because it’s located in Devon.

I’m pleased to report most of the watering holes are standing just as we left them – hagged and slightly sticky. Even Plymouth’s infamous cheesy chip station, Jake’s, runs late into the night with the same people.

But what of that FUNKY DIVE, THE Student Union?

Hmm…now this is the bit that shifted.

That moment when you realise the union is no longer a haunt you’ll be allowed access to –  not because you look a day over 21, but because you don’t have a card to validate being a grungy local anymore.

And it is with some relief.

So we got a taxi to the other side of town and dined in places we absolutely could not afford as students: The Barbican Kitchen, The Gin Factory.

To anyone hesitating to pop back for a uni reunion, don’t hold back. It’s time for a new snap…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto courtesy of the lovely Kat, who can be found here.


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