LIVE: A Date With Brisbane

A small city with a big personality.

When you don’t anticipate much from a destination, especially a city that contends with the likes of beach-side Sydney and Melbourne’s art scene, its safe to say there is room for impression. Especially when that destination is Brisbane and no one really knows what to do there.


People hadn’t recommended much of a to-do list in Brisbane, which only made me wonder how to fill two full days in the city.  There’s no iconic Opera House or hidden graffiti’d alleys that people boast about. Yet it turns out there’s plenty to do, or if you’re a lazy sun worshipper like me, plenty of nothing to do, too.

It’s all about Southbank. You can wander through markets that sit beside the river, sign up to a late night kayaking tour or place yourself in the cities lagoon –  a makeshift sand beach right in-between high-rise towers and fancy eateries. It’s a bizarre set up, not a coastal gem, but when the sun shines and you’ve walked the city; this is a lovely spot to relax.

IMG_3932 IMG_3890

By night the Brisbane sign becomes a focal point which you can actually climb onto, into and over (as pictured below). Enjoy with a bottle of bubbly, dips and a sunset to tuck away this little city.



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