Travelling Warrior Princess

Going from this…


Once the adventure ends and you return home you may notice not much has changed and the persona of a Travelling Warrior Princess tends to fade around about the time Mum asks if you can handle the 7 minute walk to the station… all on your own.

To this chilly face…


After spending two years away from home, it comes as a surprise that someone is concerned about my wellbeing if I’m still out after 8pm. Did I really just move half way around the world solo? Did I really survive renting abroad without the full analysis of my parents’ opinion? (which I value more than a grown adult should).

So after this break through of independence and finding a simple walk around the corner something to be feared by the parentals, I have a confession. Its actually rather lovely.

A few years ago this would have made me restless, this nagging transition that people and places were exactly the same as when I’d left. I mean, I’d changed so much, why hadn’t everything and everyone else? I was still being taken care of as though nothing had shifted.

But there’s nothing like taking yourself away from creature comforts (family, friends, decent roast potatoes) to make you realise just how good you have it. Even if it takes a bit of time and an expensive ticket to anywhere. The persona of a Travelling Warrior Princess is still alive, though now she enjoys a lift to the train station, just because she can.


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