SLEEP: Pillow Talk

The latest re-design from AirBnB  stirred a lot of attention,  some great…and err…not so great press.

Let’s begin with the logo…

air bnb

Its caused more questions than anything else, was it a trigger to reel in more traffic? Maybe they’ll change it soon as a sort of “hoax on us” for click bait. Or is that dick-bait.

Well it worked, the curious incident of AirBnB’s awful logo led me to their newly designed website. And it’s really something. Visually stimulating, clean, easy to use –  I even found myself scouting stays along the East Coast, and then wondered if I could really afford the buck.  At least a hostel gives you that social access for half the price. But it doesn’t give you space, your own room or freshly laid towels. Hmm….

Have you tried AirBnB?


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