The capital of Australia, a sort of real life Trumanshow. A city built not with suburbs but mini-cities, all developed around the well catered Westfield shopping centre. It almost feels like a fake city, any minute now the same cyclist is going to run around the block for the fifth …oh wait, there he goes.

Modern. Structured. The emblem of Australian history, all of it, all ten years.

But what do you do in the sleepy capital?

Hiking – shocked? I was.  Everywhere in Canberra takes a 20 minute drive. If you tip-toe to the outskirts you find yourself amongst a rather beautiful countryside escape, with lakes; rolling green hills and koalas.

It’s not the place for a Friday night smash-up, but if you’re looking for a chilled out dining experience this is it.

The parliament, Canberra.

Of course, the Parliament. The new one. And the old one, too. Did you know they took away a hill, built the parliament and then put the mound back on top of it… Very Tellytubbies-esque.

This city is worth a whistle stop if you have the right people to show you around. Take the pace down a notch and visit the sleepy capital, just 3 hours of Sydney.


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