EAT: Bondi’s answer to China Diner

Bondi’s latest instalment to eating out: China Diner. 

China Diner logo

As someone who usually “does brunch” in Bondi, choosing a restaurant was a little bit harder. Dinner in Bondi usually means a BBQ by the beach, so it came as a lovely surprise to find this recently opened restaurant on Hall Street, just down from Bikini Bar and Messina.

The waiter advised us to sample 3 entrees, 2 medium dishes, 2 big plates and finally 2-3 sides. That’s not including the $10 drinks on the side, per glass.

china food

Yes, its obscenely expensive and even after ignoring his advice and going for 2 entrees, 1 main and 2 sides to share – the bill was $40 each (glasses of wine and beer too); the portions not massive.

But what of the food? DELICIOUS! I would certainly recommend the prawn dumplings and barramundi main.

The atmosphere is cosy, with a dimly lit venue, long bar and even longer dining area. You need to book ahead to get a booth; they seem a bit upset if you’re not in a large party to fill the busty bottomed seating that a booth demands. Or if you’re late. Instead you can sit in the middle of the room, on tables designed to do what the French insist on and cosy up with your strange neighbours. It’s a social and buzzing atmosphere.

china diner bondi

Fun, delicious and a must try. Take lots and lots of cash with you and sample everything.


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