TAKE ME THERE: Find Your Autumn Hangout

It feels slightly emotional waving goodbye to Summer. Blue skies are replaced with drizzle and the ease of a beach-side hangout fades away, begging the question “where do we hang out indoors, for fun?”

It’s a tricky one – often followed by an answer involving booze. So with Autumn having crash landed on our doorsteps, here are a few activities to keep you preoccupied while the season asks you to put those flip-flops to bed.

1. Golden Age Cinema

Golden Age Cinema

One of Sydney’s best kept secrets. Step back in time to the 1940s with the Golden Age Cinema & Bar, designed in a Late Deco style. This gem in the heart of Surry Hills reels old school wonders including the likes of the Godfather and the Great Gatsby. A cosy and dim-light past time.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art


FREE. Its most alluring feature.

Museums are like board games, they’re the very last option of “fun fillers,” which is a shame, because there’s nothing like a heated debate and a healthy slice of competition to liven up a an afternoon.

Especially when it comes to Contemporary art. It’s a mixed bag of innovation and down right weird.  The collection showcases video documentaries, empty rooms with imagination (pictured. my favourite) and some total, inexplainable crap.

If you pop in on the weekend there are scheduled tours, again FREE. The guided tour lasts 45 minutes and are excellent to give background info. to some of the pieces, making them a little more understandable.

Afterwards pop to the Rocks where you can feast on expensive grub or a cheeky glass of wine. Try The Argyle for dumplings.

3. Sydney Comedy Festival 

Sydney Comedy Festival

With the change in weather Sydneysiders need a serious pick-me-up and nothing can do it better than a months worth of pure comedy genius.

Kicking off 22 April, the Comedy Festival returns with breaking acts, big gigs and festivals galore. I’ve already booked in to see British comedian Kevin Bridges and can’t wait. SO EXCITED!

Where will your Autumn hangout be? 


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