LIVE: The Change Over

By now it should be easy.

3 years moving around,  meeting new people, keeping in touch with some, blissfully forgetting others.

Turns out it’s not. And from the constant change over, saying “farewell” to friendship groups, will never get systematic or routinely manageable.

Will it?

May I recommend not getting blind drunk during the goodbye period. The hangover is much more severe when she has an emotional instigator! Yes, wine, I hate you and love you.

Of course I wouldn’t take any of it back.  Without those little treasures (and those not so treasured) people the experience wouldn’t have been…an experience…erm…right.

There is that wonderful cliché: “as one door closes another opens”  – that’s much the same with people. As soon as one goes, another arrives, as if on purpose.

Have you noticed?



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