SLEEP: Camping. Is it really just for morons?

Pretty Beach The enjoyment of camping seems possible on 3 key factors:

1. The company

2. The weather

3. The booze

For someone who grew up as a non-camping enthusiast, lets blame the rainy UK and not my lazy youthful dislike for anything ‘outdoorsy’ – Australia seemed much more favourable to tick those 3 boxes, and more.

A recent camping trip tested my  checklist, as we headed South of Sydney to a campsite called Pretty Beach. You’ll be pleased to know it is pretty and home to a huge family of kangaroos. But before the happiness of our surroundings surfaced we arrived in darkness with the pitter patter of rain,  making us question the little tent. Our sanity. And the potential drive back.

You’ll be pleased to know my trusty umbrella and head torch saved the day. If ever a Brit wasn’t ready for down pour. Luckily I also had a tent-building pro in company and the whole ordeal became very manageable; meaning I stood there with brolly and they sorted everything out.

It became clear very early on that you never really know which character you’re on an adventure with until  you get in the shit of it. And yes, that situation was considered a “shitter”.

As it happens the weather outside made the tent even more cosy, as long as the water didn’t drip into our new den.

Shortly after the bubbly was popped. A sure sound of winning. Then we could hear the waves breaking in the not too distant backdrop.

So am I pro camping? Sometimes. As long as there’s a head torch,  a trusty companion and bottle ready to be popped.


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