GAME: London Ice-Bar, Would You Give It The Cold Shoulder?

Ice Bar, LondonRenowned for its tourist buzz, the London Ice Bar has a tough crowd to please when it comes to the London locals i.e. everyone I know.

Curious to find out whether this bar was a secret ice-gem or an ice-bomb, I signed up for the experience. Here’s what happened…


  • It’s only 40 minutes

  • You get to wear a fluffy oversized Eskimo jacket, with detachable gloves. Yeah!

  • The shelves, bar, glasses and seating are solid blocks of smooth ice. And yes, you can lick the walls. Just don’t let anyone catch you. 

Your Choice of Drink 

Cocktails. Cocktails. Cocktails.



Need I say more? The menu has an array of spirit filled goodness – drink is included in your ticket.

Survey Says?

The best way to think of this experience is enjoying a cocktail in an Eskimo suit – It’s fun and something to do if you’re around the area. Book this in with a lunch date at Momo.


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