Take Me There: Make Your Way To …

…Sydney’s Opera House – Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr - gagging order

The Opera House took a decade longer to build than anticipated and cost a staggering $102 million – 14.5 times the original budget! I was keen to see what the fuss was about.

I was lucky enough to see Jimmy Carr on his tour, “Gagging Order”. Not the operatic experience I was expecting – are you allowed to shout “faggy twat” at the opera…or anywhere for that matter? Which is probably why the show was more enjoyable. Taboo’s are fun, eh!

The Opera House itself is really worth checking out. The enormous, raw stepping-stones and wooden arches structure the sea-side feel and the open windows give you a panoramic snapshot of Sydney Harbours bridge, usually among blue skies and bouncy clouds. It’s a little bit wonderful.

Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge Opera Theatre, Australia


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