GAME: “Is This Your First Time?” Eerrrrrr…..

This is how successful my first volleyball game went.

For those who also know nothing about the sport except the sun-kissed skin and athletic bodies, you’re spot on. What you don’t know yet is this –  they make it look super easy.

Sport, Bondi Beach, Fitness, Health

 You’re required to lob a football over a 10 foot net with the palm of your hand… not  easy, or gentle for that matter.

For reasons beyond me the ball kept coming in my direction – slightly humiliating given that the return delivery was a total of zero.

It did give me an opportunity (lets looks for a positive!)

to understand the few rules of volleyball. Although not so much that I can repeat them here…

I’ve been given a contact number to enjoy a 1:1 training session on how to manoeuvre this game. I will be back and next time I will kick ass –  you’ll even want me on your team and my lobbing technique will dazzle even the most unsuspecting volley player.


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