LIVE: That Moment When You Look In The Fridge And Ask…Who The Hell Are You?

My fridge already looks different from how it did last year, that being 3 weeks ago.

You will find mangos.  That gross, healthy-brown cereal and a pack of strawberries to add some flavour. Fresh tropical juice. Pre-packed Sushi for lunch…

You’ll also find a slab of Aero mint chocolate and 5 bottles of wine ready for the waiting, but the general outlook suggests NEW HEALTHY STUFF!

Healthy Living

This was an unexpected, I suppose the heat wave has made me want to eat lighter, healthier food.  Now,  I almost completely walk past my delicious sugary Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

This week I’ve also got home tired after work and rather than giving in to wine, I kept moving and got out of the house. This led to meeting new people, surprisingly more energy and when I finally rested my noggin it felt like the day had been worthwhile –  not just sat at a computer screen with my back folded into a swirly chair clicking excel.

So take it from moi, who never exercises or participates in sport or eats sushi or buys mangoes – why not just give it all a taster?




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