LIVE: Natalie Begins Her 2014 Training!

#Fitness 2014

Let’s not think of this as a New Years Resolution. This wave of fitness just happens to be starting now in the dawn of 2014 where energy levels are pumped and that fruitful idea of possibility and ambition (naivety) blossom.

Below is a 4 Point Plan to work health & fitness –  pick and choose bits your keen on for your regime, too.

1. Bikram Yoga:

Bikram Yoga

$20 for 10 sessions. Worth a try. Flexible, cleanse the mind, de-stress….Sign me up!

2. Swimming

Mermaid Swim

Be it a 6am swim in the sea or a few laps at the pool – Swimming tones your whole body and it’s rather refreshing.

3. 10 Minute Work Out Video

Thanks to my little sister I’ve acquired a 10 minute workout video called “Ab Ribber X” that aims to build your core and tone that tummy. I have 10 minutes every other day and so do you! Get buying this video.

4. Pinterest


Pinterest has been around for a little while now, but I’ve only just given into it! And discovered the Health and Fitness section which offers a variety of short videos for upper body strength workouts, as well as healthy eating recipes. I say it’s time to get PINNING!

Have you got a 2014 fitness goal?



2 thoughts on “LIVE: Natalie Begins Her 2014 Training!

  1. Ab ribber X! Bikram yoga…well hmm.. heard some cases of meningitis caused byt he hot n sweaty room! So be careful!

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