Top 10 Travel Photo’s of 2013

1. Vivid Light Festival, Sydney

Vivid Light Festival, Sydney

2. Sydney: New Friends / New Family 

Sunshine Heart, Sydney

3. Krambach Farm Work. Bride To Be & Gandalf…

Farm Work, WOOFING, Australia

4. Kangaroos & Wallabies On Our DoorstepSkippy, the Australian Kangaroo

5. Morning Rises in Krambach Morning Sky, Australia

6. Farm Work: A Taste Of The Outback With Frangipani’s R Us.

Huntsman Spider, Australia

7. Flower Farm: Wait! Are You Scared Of Me?

Lizard, Australia

8. A Glimpse @ Sydney’s Famous Bridge & Opera House

Sydney Bridge and Opera House

9. The Three Sisters Standing @ The Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, Sydney

10. Beach Time, East Coast Australia

East Coast Australia

Here’s to the next dose of adventures!



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