GAME: You Have To Believe In Something…Right?

Cloudy Spiritualist

You’re Soooo Superficial

For most of us believing in something intangible is hard to do. Trying to explain why you believe in anything just because you ‘feel it’ doesn’t come very easily to me. I was told rather abruptly by a Spiritualist (arse cretin) the other day that this was ‘superficial’.

Where Does Your Mind …?

Of course stopping to think about the bigger universe isn’t something that jogs my memory so much as flashing images of my last romp session. Or perhaps what I’ll be having for tea…or, oh, is that the beach?  The mind wanders and it certainly doesn’t move towards questions of why we’re here,  but how to get on with the next second of action.

Think Different

Arguing that I get more from my tangible, earthy friends and family in a time of anxiety or stress than any ancient book or yoga stretch gave him something to think about. Although in all honesty it left me questioning it all. Why not step into their world and find out what the big deal is?

Pick A Card, Any Card

Religion is just beyond my belief system, it feels too rigid and old-fashioned. Where as spirituality seems too airy fairy, bohemian and under the (heavy) influence of drugs. When I was little we went to church every Sunday – in floral dress and thick cardigan (thanks, Mum); and sampling the morning service wasn’t for me…but this spiritual stuff. I’ve never actually tried to make sense of it….

There are certain hobbies I associate with people who tap into this so-called ‘spirituality’. Things that I am curious enough to try so at least when asked about what I believe in I can retort in some confidence that I gave the other side a ‘good old go.’ To tread very carefully into this realm the following will be sampled:

1. Burning Incense:

Every BoHo has some delicious aroma floating around in their room. Is this to relax you? Since moving to my new abode the room is in need of a little Woody Oak Tulip Nougat. That’s a real incense…


2. $20 For 10 Classes of Bikram Yoga


Relaxing the mind from daily stresses and making the body more flexible. Sounds good to me! Although I will ask you this, do people not take up yoga to be more bendy in bed?  Also after reading Hell Bent by Benjamin Lorr I’d like to find out what he was so obsessed with for 900 pages.

3. Giving It All Some Thought 

After reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho I have a confession to make. Recently blog posts, banners,  things people say have all seemed like OMENS. Yes there I said it. Or am I reading too much into them? Perhaps. But truly once you open your eyes you can see a few answers glaring you in the face. Really spooky!

#Think It

Of course this may not be the adhered way to things, but for moi? It’s a start.



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