EAT: You are about to live an unbelievable experience – eating and drinking in the pitch darkness.


I ate the majority of the meal with my


You have to try it.

Darkness makes me pretty queasy. When the power goes out at home, before the torches, wine and board games are found, there’s a moment where I stare into total darkness and dizzy spells take over.

Why then did I sign up to experience Dan Le Noir?

To be honest I asked myself the same question,  right after suggesting it. Even on route to the restaurant, while we ordered a 3 course ‘surprise’ menu. Right up to the point where Sarah, our guide blind from birth took our hands and led us into her way of seeing things. 

They say that when you lose a sense your others kick in and take focus: scent, taste, touch and hearing become your way of understanding your surroundings and the meal in front of you.  Simple tasks are suddenly questioned:

How do you pour a glass of water?

How do you cut your food without seeing the angle of your cutlery?

What the hell am I eating?

The highlight of this hour and a half experience will hopefully be your neighbours. We sat next to a lovely couple who clinked glasses with us until the  last few moments when we slipped back through the curtain from heart racing darkness into light – seeing each other for the very first time. When have you ever hugged a stranger after a meal?

The sense  I used most was touch. Literally fumbling around for everything. The camera men may have a good time watching a little lady eating an elegant 3 course meal with her fingers . Classy . At one point I lost my fork. How can this happen? The only option of course being to steal the one next to me (sorry to the person that arrived with only a knife handy…). Only to discover moments later that my fork was simply on the other side of the plate. How had I missed that?

For what it’s worth, try this restaurant, in London; Paris; New York… The experience will give you value to such basic everyday luxuries: Perspective.

Surprise Menu


P1030249  P1030248

Le Plat


Le Dessert

P1030254 P1030259


One thought on “EAT: You are about to live an unbelievable experience – eating and drinking in the pitch darkness.

  1. Hi, how are you blogista?
    These places sound amazing! We just met a German couple while we were caving in North Western Thailand who went to one of these. They admitted to having a similar problem with the cutlery and (argh, damn iPad auto-corrects everything to American spelling!) they also ended up having to eat with their hands in the dark!! Wonder if they have any in South East Asia… 🙂

    Hope you’re well. Love reading your stuff, keep it coming,

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