PRODUCT: Your Wardrobe As A Working-Traveller

Ever the burden of anyone on a Working Holiday Visa. How much crap can you really carry? A fair bit, as it happens.

The whole idea of packing when you travel is to get smart and carry clothing that has multipurpose roles. Unfortunately I’ve started to really enjoy dividing my wardrobe this year into Work Attire and Every Day Items.

I’m paying the price for this, literally, but also through luggage space and what this will cost on my journey back. More to the point, I don’t care. But at the start I did and so here are two lists depending on your length of stay and self-control.

If it’s short-term employment (a month or two) you can be pretty savvy and rely on just a few pieces.

Pack Light

1 x Pair of Trousers

2 x Changeable work Tops

1 x Pumps (For every day use too)

1 x Blazer

1 x Cardigan (For every day use too)

1 x Skirt

 If you’re staying a year or so, cash in on the bargain items at home, it’s really worth it!

A Little Extra… 

2 x blazer

2 x trousers

2 x pumps

2 x skirts

1 x blouse

4 x work tops

2 x dresses

For further inspiration have a peek into Travel Fashion Girls Blog


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