PRODUCT: 3 Tricks To Stay Feminine Travelling

For the longest time they have seemed like strange other beings –  the well dressed, feminine traveller.

How do they fit all of that girly stuff in their backpack? What’s their trick?

We’re all wearing the same crappy clothes everyday, getting by on looking a bit shabby, which is OK because that’s the written rule of travel: no one really cares. You let go of that pampered, self preservation on the road.

Even so, it turns on there are a few tricks, simple things, and it’s all down to those fantastic travel products. Compact, light and slightly indulgent, but its alright, because it doesn’t take up anymore room in that backpack.

1. Hair Straighteners

flat-iron-hair-straightener-travel-size_opqtvm1352081372014I know I know I know I know! Absolutely the last thing you NEED on a trip. Hear me out. If it doesn’t take up any more room and it helps me feel more presentable, just a little, then I say WHY NOT!

2. Nail Varnish


Painting my nails started off as a stupid, faffy task because I was crap at it. Now,  still a bit shoddy!  For whatever reason, casual or going out, nail varnish adds a feeling of femininity, it can make an outfit more colourful elegant, dramatic or funky.

3. Scarf It! 


Scarfs and pashmina’s are written about as the travel item for the female traveller.

Reasons of practicality (aside from warmth):  people use them as pillows. Have you ever done this? Not so much. The pashmina is an excellent beach ‘towel’, beach robe and as with any scarf or pashmina they carry every buzz word a traveller likes to here when packing:

Light to carry. Acts as a colourful accessory to jazz up an outfit. Can ultimately become your best friend.



3 thoughts on “PRODUCT: 3 Tricks To Stay Feminine Travelling

  1. Hiya,

    I love this little article. It’s so true! Although you’re willing to put aside a lot of girly products ect when you go backpacking, if you’re going for quite a while you’re going to want thuds that make you feel more pretty and less dirty. I’m taking nail varnish and straighteners with me!! But I’ll be washing my hair and clothes with baking soda to save the pennies.

    Hope you’re well lovely,

    1. Baking soda?? Let me know how you get on! Sorry for the delay, slight issue with passwords..oopsi! Where is your next trip?

      For sure, after holding back and feeling very unfeminine travelling it’s high time I looked into the travel product world!

      Enjoy your travels and keep us updated my darling xxx

      1. Hellooo!
        What are you up to? We’re in Thailand for now. It’s a great place for backpacking or ‘flash-packing’ – super cheap to get your nails and waxing done everywhere you go 🙂 The massages are aaaaamazing, too!
        Hope you’re well,

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