GAME: Accents that make you melt!


You probably have an accent in mind that gives you goosebumps, even if you have no idea what they’re saying. Which one is it?



For me it would be the French accent. It’s just tres sexxxyy bon bon bon! If it weren’t for the actual French I would probably be in trouble and this would be my top ‘melt me’ accent.

But I have a tie breaker, with the raw and delightful Irish… ‘to be sure to be sure!’ and of course the language I am trying to learn: Spanish. When they’re not angry of course, which is really scary: Quieres una bebida con tu besos? Si, gracias!

Man alive! An accent makes all the difference.

Here’s the top 10 sexiest accents of 2013

Guess which accent’s in first place! And which is last…

If you’ve ever learnt a language you’ll appreciate this cocktail of Italian, American and French. I give you Joey Tribbiani. In this short clip he learns French and he’s actually rather good! hmm...”Joey Learns French”

Share your favourite accent and why why why!?

Speak Soon,



2 thoughts on “GAME: Accents that make you melt!

  1. Hmmm the French accent is beautiful, but now that I’m surrounded by it everyday there are only so many ‘Putain, merde, fais chier’ outbursts you can take until you realise every language has it’s low points!

    But I do agree with the Irish!!

    1. Ooo! Great point! Is the Irish your number one? I can imagine the French in general becoming a little annoying. he he he.

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