Take Me There: What’s on your wish list this year?


If you ever find yourself questioning that move far away from home, take a look at your photo album.

Here’s a snapshot of me a few months ago on a beach near Uki, Gold Coast Australia. It’s strange to think that the further I go from Europe the more I want to be involved with history, cold climates and hot chocolate…but then there are these images of turquoise seas and blue skies, and my wish list twists from Europe to a beach haven Australia.

What’s on your wishlist this year any why?


6 thoughts on “Take Me There: What’s on your wish list this year?

  1. I can’t travel this year but before I had chosen to put my studies as a priority I had planned to be in Rio de Janeiro right now, training at BJJ camps, sunning on the beach most days, eating acai.. then there’s also a part of me that has decided to fly as far away as possible from sydney once I’m done studying and live in the UK for a bit.

    1. Monica, it’s lovely to hear from you! Especially as a Sydneysider exploring the travel domains 🙂 I’ve often found that when you have a long list, opportunities present themselves and you’ll make that trip no problem, just in a slightly different way than you first anticipated. Rio is totally amazeballs! If you’re going to fly all the way to South America or Europe, put some pennies in the bank and see their neighbours, too! What are you studying at the moment? I’m pining for South America myself! 😛

      1. I am in love with Rio. I was there for Carnival 3yrs ago and it was just fantastic. I think a part of me will forever be in Rio and I ache so much to go back. I also went to Argentina, Uruguay and Peru while I was there. I definitely have to go back for Machu Picchu though.

        I’m currently studying a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology which is rehab but I’m taking up nursing next year.

  2. Well having caught the travel bug a little late, also wanting to put my studies first, two years ago I did make the decision to move to Paris. Not a major trek from the UK, but it has certainly proven to be a challenging one. But it has opened the gate way to a major travel wish list! I finally managed to do interrailing around Europe last summer – but now my sights are firmly set on Asia and more of the USA – particularly deep South!

    1. Hi Rose – Thanks for adding your wishlist! Paris is such a beautiful city to live in, you lucky (and brave) thing! Although you’re only a train ride away from the UK, I’m sure the cultural and language differences seem much further than that. Soooo, are you going to put a date on Asia, or deep South USA perhaps? I’m pretty close to Asia these days 😉 maybe we could meet in..let’s say…Vietnam?

  3. Woa! How did you find the carnival? I bet that was an insane experience!! hehehe. 🙂 Tell me about it, there’s something about South America that sticks. ah. x

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