PRODUCT: The Novel ‘Almost French’ Will Surely Give You A Book Hangover

It’s day two of my book hangover  (thank you, Urban Dictionary). Finding one of those books that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, without being a Disney ensemble, is hard to find. But here it is:

Almost French.


For the last few weeks I’ve been hooked on Sarah Turnbull’s novel Almost French. A story of an Australian woman’s gutsy choice to leave everything she knows for a guy. Who just happens to live in Paris. Speak a different language. Outlines opposing values. And for what? Love, of course. Completely irrational, meltdown, wet your pants, love.

It’s one of those novel’s that has it all: cultural differences, discovery, language barriers, career challenges,  but most daring of all is the risk to follow your heart over your head.

To understand what its like to fall for “a very French Frenchman” and get lost in an whirlwind adventure, pick up this book and endure the hangover!

Speak Soon, Natty xx

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