GAME: Have you been on that trip to “Find Yourself”


“I found myself in Asia…”

Most people who say they ‘found themselves’  just got back from travelling Asia.
I tend to avoid these people.
There is something about the confession of finding the ambiguous ‘self’ that makes my skin crawl. I’m happy for you, truly, but I’d rather talk about that elephant trip you went on during this time. Not that spell you fell under at the Yoga Hut.
At no point when I signed up for travel did I think of rediscovering the ‘self’;  but of course that isn’t to say I haven’t changed and developed from these incredible experiences (although who knows for the better!). Each person who signs up to traveling returns home with a change of perspective to even the simplest of measures: my room gets bigger each time. The hour long train journey into London isn’t actually that far in comparison to South America’s 10 hour bus journey to the next village. And England seems very budget friendly in comparison to living in Sydney.
Of course your perspective alternates, but next time you want to confess you just ‘found yourself’ in a temple for those 10 days you spent in silence, thinking about your past, present and future – just whisper it to yourself and  pat yourself on the back. But don’t expect me to fully understand what it is Asia did to you and how you couldn’t have figured it out if you just traveled solo for a while…
Have you been on this trip?
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