PRODUCT: Language Resources – What Happens When You Use The Urban Dictionary?

I live with Italians who are super keen to learn the English language – and are rather good I might add. Over the last month I’ve been quizzed on  a variety of random English phrases that, apparently, come up in every day conversation…

Italy: “What is wispy?” – Natty: “Kind-of like Nana’s hair.”

Italy: “When someone writes ‘errrrm’ in their text, what does it mean?” – Natty: “Ermm… It means they’re morons.”

So what happens when a virtual dictionary (moii!!) isn’t in the house? What resource does my Italian moose use when in need of explanation?

Answer? The Urban Dictionary. 


That’s right guys, the Urban Dictionary. A resource so brilliant that Italy is now advanced in social chat.  More often than not this resource gives them a very, shall we say, to the point interpretation of the English language.

According to the Urban Dictionary “wispy” refers to a guys whistle rattler. I know, when did that happen? (or where have I been?).

“Errm” is defined as a “nekkid chest, especially of the male type. usually requested on webcam. very secret word. please spread to all.”

As a new found lover of this fantastically absurd online source, I’m going to give them a shout out and spread this new defintion of Erm…

If anyone knows of a similar resource for Spanish learners, let me know!! Otherwise, how have you found the Urban Dictionary? Educational?



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