Take Me There: Taking the swoop, would you dare?

They say its worse than bunji, especially going backwards.
When you find yourself on the North Island of New Zealand, pay a visit to Rotorua where you’ll find one activity that must not be missed:  the swoop.
Face that fear…
For those that don’t enjoy being held horizontally at 141 feet, this may not be for you. But then this is what New Zealand is all about: facing those fears; be it water based or sky high, the kiwi’s can be trusted to deliver an adrenaline maxed activity.
What does it involve?
The basis of it is you’re strapped into a sort of sleeping bag hamper, which is craned horizontally towards the ground. What happens next is a slow and grueling experience as you wave goodbye to earth and get taken higher and higher towards the sky. Once you’ve reached 40 metres (141 feet) the team at ground level count you down with a simple:3-2-1. This is your cue to pull the attached cord, releasing you to the ground (which you miss dearly at this point), making everything in your tummy go up and down and around. The crane enables you to swing back and forth, with your arms in the air and wind rushing through your eyes at maximum speed.
For real adrenaline junkies (or morons) try doing the swoop backwards, unable to see exactly where you’re going. This is a brilliant activity that can be experienced with 3 friends, so don’t worry about doing it solo. Best not to really.
You wanner go?
Contact Agro-Ventures following the site: http://www.agroventures.co.nz
50 NZ per person. Deals available on site and the second time you do the swoop its discounted.

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