PRODUCT: The 3 Items You Never Pack on Holiday, But Should!

1.  Come Under My Umbrella


The word ‘holiday’ shouldn’t really follow with ‘rain’ or ‘brolly’ – so when I arrived in Sydney wearing boots and a thermal coat, I wondered who the hell advertised Australia as one of the most desired climates on earth. Was this really it?
It soon became apparent that parts of the world other than Britain receive rain. Shocking, I know.  As any Brit will tell you, we’re prepared for any kind of weather. And complaining about it is something we’re rather good at, too. But… when I leave the UK I refuse to acknowledge that rain will fall. Save yourself the ordeal of looking like a soaking tourist: pack a light weight brolly.

2. Take A Look


A mirror: small and compact. If you find yourself camping this small essential could be your greatest wing-(wo)man.

3. Be On Time For That Trip


 Don’t always rely on your phone or it having power, pack a pocket size alarm clock. Truly one of the most essential travel products you could pack.

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