TOP 3: Feeling good on board

The ultimate goal is to feel and look less hagged when you land. With these top 3 trump cards you can arrive at your destination ready to go and get ’em a little faster.


Two key ingredients to settle the stomach are ginger and salt. I tend to eat a bag of ready salted crisps pre-flight, but ginger biscuits do the trick too. This controls travel sickness and levels out your system for a gentle flight.


You can buy a large bottle of water once you’re through check in. Although on-flight you’re entitled to as many cups as you wish, a bottle ensures immediate rehydration and lots of it.


The temperature alternates frequently and your destination will probably be of a different climate to your departure. Flights usually provide a blanket, however, make sure you have socks and jumper at the ready for that layering moment during flight and landing.

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