Camping Out: Mega Amazing or Mega Stupid?

First impressions can have quiet a big impact on people. My second, third and fourth impression of camping weren’t all that good, either.


  • It takes a very long time to set up – unless you have a scout member with you
  • The level of comfort is at an all time low
  • Weather is guaranteed to be bad. It rains (heavily) every time
A new found love for camping has, however, presented itself. It may well be down to the decent weather that made my bitter attitude fluff up a bit – but the whole experience can really be rather exciting, even marginally comfortable, and give you a true sense of adventure. You just have to go with the right people and the right weather.
This transition happened in California when my budget was strict. To tell you the truth, I’m all the more glad for it. The campsites had fire-pits where you stocked up your firewood and doubled up to make a BBQ grill. There was a fantastic mission to create our meal with basic tools (an army knife) and the foil we cooked in was also used as our fine dining equipment.
Accompanying this challenge was managing the entire setup in the dark, eventually with a head torch – a camper’s true best friend.
Of course I was wearing every piece of clothing I’d packed by 7pm- but the food was sizzling, our little tent was poised and we had an Alaskan beer in hand – this really was alright. There was also no sign of rain.


  • Take some padded bedding: blow up beds with duvets are a treat
  • Ensure you have a good supply of beer
  • Basics are essential: foil, army knife, head torch, matches
  • Go with decent company
  • Park close enough to the loos for that emergency night dash
  • Take full advantage of the surrounding wilderness
The following day you will be woken up as the sunrises, warming you up ready for the adventure ahead.

2 thoughts on “Camping Out: Mega Amazing or Mega Stupid?

  1. Considering an interailing trip this summer. Today ‘camping’ was suggested. Wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but your post has enlightened me to the wonder of it a little…

  2. Ah glad to hear it Rozy. Give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised as I was! Let me know how your inter-rail trip goes, sounds like a great idea. x

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