EAT: The Ivy Bar, Sydney

“…When you tell a Brit there’s a rooftop pool with a cocktail bar attached to it…you can guarantee attendance …”

Locate me: The Ivy is tucked down the alley of 330 George Street, 
2 minutes from Martin Place Station.
Arrive before 10 and avoid the $20 charge

You can choose between two entrances. Which ever one you choose, you’re going to be blown away.

Stairway One…

Leads you to the Main Bar. The space is huge and caters to any manner of taste:

The big sofa’s to chill out on

The dance floor

The outside/inside courts

Eat some Thai or simply take a seat on one of the balconies

You can relax or move in a variety of comforts. Yah, it’s cool, but it’s also very corporate. If you go between 7 and 9  the atmosphere is buzzing. The suits are looking good and the evening has that happy Friday feeling. Past 10 it takes on a club vibe and a different style of dressed attitude to accompany the scene.

I prefer the early hours when the nights just kicking off, whatever your mood or taste – come and have a look. Dress a little nice, too, its that kind of place.

Stairway Two…

You’re now in the pool.

Need I say more?

More you say? There’s a regular happy hour kicking off at 5-7pm.

For further details please see
READ ON: Cocktail bar Sydney (

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