GAME: Letting it Slip…

As a rule, noting down those things people say that make you smile can prove completely brilliant, especially when you look back a little while later!

Here’s a list of quotes from Gran Canaria that make me cry with laughter. Have a smile, have a good read…

“We’ll be landing in…oh Las Palmas, nearly forgot where we were going then!”

– Pilot on Easy Jet 20 minutes before landing.


“I call it a Rob-Special with ham and a bit of cheese.”


“You mean a ham and cheese sandwich?” 


“Don’t deny it; everyone’s had a bit of dirt”


“There’s a lot of agua de viva”

– Our first warning of jelly fish, the life of the sea.


“I feel really privileged”

– In response to the Internet Café at 2 euros for 100 minutes, just around the corner.


“But what if they’re really hungry?”

– In conversation to those fish eating your feet.


“You bring the saucepan, I’ll provide the heat”

– On making coffee, it turned out.


“You know they should really give instructions for warming up noowtella. 2 minutes in the microwave just isn’t good – trust me. “

– A very serious thought from Rob on heating up Nutella, which he pronounces noowtella. Is it the Irish roots?


“Will you sit down!”

– Many a tragic story from Justine for our entertainment, which will never be told on this blog…


“I have so much happiness in my cheeks”

– How to explain puffy cheeks.


“Sometimes I dream about sleeping, I love sleeping”


“You gotta die of something; it may as well be deep fried mushrooms”

– After a good meal out with tapas.


“Have you read the hungry cater-pillar backwards so it looks anorexic?”



2 thoughts on “GAME: Letting it Slip…

  1. When I was talking about putting nutella in the m/wave for two minutes I meant putting the jar in…….. which is simply not a good idea:). Thanks for the mention though. Hope all’s well.

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