This has been a hot topic over the last few months, aside from everything else that’s expensive in Sydney, food shopping is an important one. Why? By the end of it all you have to eat and no amount of thrifty budgeting will excuse this fact.

You can be a little more smart about it though, as long as you know where to go. Here are a few areas I have sussed out to make my weekly shop for lunch, dinner and snacks a little more friendly to my dear old friend: bank account.

The weekly shop starts on Sunday in preparation for whats to come.

Ever Safe… Coles: Bulky Bits

For bulk items: jars, milk, bread, meat. Go to Coles, find one near you whether its on your lunch break or going home from work – pop in and grab the bits you need. Only use a basket – remember you have to carry this stuff home. Take a backpack, too. Heavy loading sucks. I’ve found the other stores are samey but more pricey. Frankton is near me and their range isn’t as good or as nicely priced!

Slightly in love with… Paddy’s Market: Fruit & Veg

Utterly in love with this place. The market is stuffed with colour and that super fresh feel. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bruised, yucky sections but the place is so massive just keep walking round until you find the quality you want. It won’t take long.

They tend to do deals of: 3 bags of veg for $5. You can grab courgettes, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, corn on the cob, green beans….This is better earlier in the day as its fresher.

At the end of the day stop in –  the market is flogging everything, screaming: “ONEEEEEEE DOLLLAARRRRRR!” the crowds are massive, the old women ram you with their buggies and the experience is hectic and I LOVED IT!

There’s also this incredible herb and spice section, I sigh every time I see it. There’s something you shouldn’t admit! Colour –  colour – colour. Its just authentic and a bit more exciting than buying a jar. More practical? Probably not.

Any other recommendations very welcome! 🙂

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