GAME: The things you notice far far away

It has come to be that the further I  go from home the more I notice those nick-knacks I actually really adore; things I had no idea to appreciate. One of the best things about travel is to get out of your ordinary comfort zone and take a look from the outside, ’cause you might just find your missing what’s right in front of you.

Here are a few pieces I miss from the UK, things I never really cared about in fact! Do you miss any bizarre things from home?

1. Castles

I stayed with an Australian farmer who is now approaching his 70’s and he has never seen or been in a castle. This is on his wish list. How strange to hear, as my family holidays often evolved around old haggled history and what a luxury this experience is (surprised me I can tell you!).

2. Cobbled Streets

This is a strange one, but there is something about the uneven, rocky road that gives so much character to a place. Here in Sydney its all plain tarmac and easy walks. Oh to be stuck in the stones again!

3. Snow

Although I would wish for this treat just for one day, there have been endless photo’s of snowball fights and mayhem in the UK and I do secretly wish to be with my family making a snowman. But then I look at the warm, blue skies here and its a sort of flip-sided wish!


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