EAT: Did you go to Doyle’s? The famous chippy on Watsons Bay!

It has come highly recommended and seems some how illegal to visit Watsons Bay without grabbing a box of fish and chips from Doyle’s restaurant. 


Sydneysiders rave about this eatery, but why?

Because, darling, its all about location. Situated on the edge of Watsons Bay, offering you something rather magical before you depart back to Sydney’s busy city. You see, when the sun sets in the distance – beyond the great ocean –  dipping behind the arching harbour bridge you can snuggle into some messy dinner and a beer with the sea salt still in your hair and a cosy cardigan wrapped around you. Choosing to sit in the restaurant or the beach beside the dock. 

It’s one of those things you do that makes the evening finish on a corny but very beautiful note, as you nuzzle down your fishy and chippy. It doesn’t come cheap, as nothing does in Watson Bay, setting you back $13. Do ask for salt and vinegar on your chips. Lemon and (oddly) a sachet of hot plum sauce is provided, otherwise this meal is rather bland and no view can make up for poopie food.

If there isn’t enough reason to visit this stunning coastal gem, its Doyle’s. A restaurant that has been open since 1885… when Australia itself just opened for business!

For More Info. See: 

*All images are from Google. I forgot to snap this one!


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