GAME: What’s your airplane seat strategy?

Recently Cricket’s Aunty posted “The most preferred airplane seat is…” showing just how picky we are when it comes to placing our bums on an airplane.

I hate to admit it, but for the last year my airplane seat strategy has been pretty specific:

Aisle seat  – easy access to the loo.  Never on the wing of a plane – too jumpy. Usually not near the front, but somewhere middle to back.

After a fluffy debate with a friend they convinced me to shake up my weird strategic seating. I opted for the window seat instead, notice how nobody chooses the middle seat? The added bonus to this seat, other than the view, is the lean. You know what I’m talking about. It makes sleeping on the plane a fraction more comfortable, you can just about scrump up into the fetal position, lean to your side of the plane and tuck into that thin blanket.

So fess up guys, whats your seating strategy? Would you break it on your next flight?

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4 thoughts on “GAME: What’s your airplane seat strategy?

  1. seriously… aisle seat? just make the lazy bums next to you get up once in a while… its good exercise and prevents thrombosis.. they will thank you one day!

    then rarely going on vacation by plane when we where young, me and my two brothers used to fight for the window seats till tears…at that age you want to see whats out there!
    my father’s Salomonic verdict eventually would be that one could take during take off, one fore the flight and one for the landing, leaving the one that actually got assigned the window seat at the check-in in at really bad mood and the other two with an evil grin..

    I still fight for window seats I guess… by early online check-ins (rarely happens) and by asking nicely if there is any available upon the arrival at the airport…

    also: I heard its less bumpy in the front, but these are always taken, then I dont want the wing to block my view and I also sleep better on my right side…therefore I always end up at a rear right window.. fair enough.

    my preferred one? well there is also business and first class I heard, but these sweet stories of fellow travelers about overbooked planes and free upgrades never happened to me…till then I stay at the rear right window!

    PS: and yeah, nobody wants the middle seat… sometimes I wonder why they still make these 😉

  2. Is it really less bumpy at the front? damn it!! Your poor Dad, great strategy though, you naughty buggers!

    Thanks for your comments, Nils, I’ve also heard about these first class seats. maybe we can try for that upgrade next time! I’ll find out how they do it and get back to you!! ha ha ha.

    Too right, they should just take out the middle seat. I’ll write to the airlines immediately. 😉

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I tend to have a bit of a ‘personal bubble’ issue so I hate the middle and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t been on the aisle in several years… maybe I’m just a creature of habit with my window seat needs 😛

    1. Ha ha! No worries 🙂 Window seat still remains a keen favorite for most. It might be time to sample a new seat 😉

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