EAT: Flying Fajita Sistas, Sydney

Situated in Sydney’s bohemian suburb, Glebe, this hot Mexican joint came recommended:

Flying Fajita Sistas.

Grubs up!

The food was scrumptious.

 If you do visit may I recommend ordering the Chingachunga (spelling?) or fajitas. The fajitas though aren’t big man size portions, so all those with BIG appetites be warned. 

Prices are around $22 – $30

BYO or have a jug of Sangria for $15+ (they make white wine Sangria as well!)


The staff were attentive, polite, excellent. The girls were also wearing these frumpy dresses…  is this because its hot in there? Who knows why all their female staff should wear these hideous uniforms, but that’s irrelevant. I suppose. Majorly disappointing note – the food took an hour to arrive after ordering.

Lets talk about decor, ambiance…

Basic and comfortable – there were crosses hanging at every available space, but then again Mexico is a religious country so that kind of makes sense and kind-of creeped me out. There’s a bookcase of spicy sauces, better known as the Wall of Pain that you must try at your peril, I suppose its one way to shake up an evening. If you care to accept the challenge.

Full Rating?

5 / 10

Its a little expensive for the portion sizes and the food took a decade to arrive. The place was full, so they must be doing something right. Also note: you can’t split the bill, so make sure someone can pay the full blow and pay them back.

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2 thoughts on “EAT: Flying Fajita Sistas, Sydney

  1. I went Baja Cantina which seems to be about a block away from this place and it was really good with ‘Big man sized portions’. The prices were slightly cheaper and from memory they were fairly good with bringing the food out in a reasonable time even though we had a party of 20 and the place seemed full. It also had a really quirky design with skulls and such all over the place.

    Check it out next time you’re in the area and in need of some Mexican:

  2. You know the whole time we were in Fajita Sistas the group were talking about this great Mexican down the road that was cheaper, quicker and better sized portions and I was just thinking whhhaatt! why didn’t we just go there?? I bet this is the place!! Thanks for the recommendation.


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