Take Me There: Watsons Bay, Sydney


This place is a little slice of heaven. It’s exactly why I came over here  – a little note to remind me: Watsons Bay.

It is said that great experiences are made by those around you-  but they’re also made up of the 27 degree heat, pure blue skies and the view that relaxes your shoulders.

We started off with brunch at the Tea Garden Café. Everything on this side of town is expensive, but delicious. I had Eggs Benedict for $15; it’ll keep you full for a good 5 hours. At this café you’ll have the view of a far away Sydney, the bridge arching in the background and yachts bobbing around the harbour. You could also come here for mid-day Devonshire scones and tea for $7. Lovely.

Camp Cove

There are two coves,  both quiet small so be prepared for miniature beach side action. The first is Camp Cove where the sea is still – no surfing here guys –   you can  enjoy lulling in the water leisurely or do a few laps up and down the sea-bed. Possibly one of the most beautiful escapes I’ve been to and it has a feeling of luxury, just minutes from Sydney’s city.



Lady Beach (NUDE DUDES!)

The second is where the elder generation flaunt their stuff at Lady Beach. Oddly, more men bathe at Lady Beach and its the women rolled out on Camp Cove. Maybe they have more…balls? Chortle chortle. On this calm beach for those seeking a full tan or a sense of adventure try this cove. I might dare myself to do this one day: alone and very very early in the morning!

Lighthouse Walk

You can walk to the lighthouse, this round trip only takes about 15 minutes. I wouldn’t say it’s  the best walk ever but the the rugged, coastal path is always enjoyable.


Getting There & Back

Enjoy a ferry ride from Circular Quay’s 4th terminal, setting you back just $11 (return ticket). Along this 20 minute ride you’ll see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Opera House at different angles. On route the ferry also stops at Garden Island, Rose Bay, Double Bay and finally, the beautiful Watsons Bay. The journey home is a fraction of the time going  directly back to CQ.

Drift back to the city as the sun-sets behind the bridge and your eyes feel heavy with sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Take Me There: Watsons Bay, Sydney

      1. I sure have 🙂 Technically Watson’s Bay is the last stop of the bus near my house but it’s still a bit of a drive so I’m planning on taking the ferry next time from the city – thinking of having a nautical themed day.

      2. No way! Its SO beautiful over there! You lucky thing. I would take the ferry every day if I didn’t get so sea sick… enjoy the weekend 🙂

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