LIVE: “When are you going to settle down?” said the mighty smiter

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Au...

Don’t worry Queeny, I’ll be back. One day.

After returning from travelling back in early January 2012 it became evident that I still had no idea where I wanted to stop in the UK and my increasingly restless pace led to a rather swift (and slightly impulsive) purchase of the Australian Working Holiday Visa. Within 24 hours I was in possession of a 12 month pass to enter a country I’d never set foot in and to further attempt my search of a more vibrant lifestyle with some direction towards a career path.


“Nat, we’re becoming those people who go off and have stories to tell!”

This mindset is 100% to blame on my brother, call him a nugget of inspiration or a cruel entity aiming to drain my bank account (and common sense), but his experience last year has only confirmed by agitated belief that I’m not quiet ready to give in to homeland (the UK) just yet.

Convince me it’s true!

About a year ago my brother took a leap into New Zealand with the Working Holiday Visa and has since found a new girl, a new job and a new –relaxed – attitude. I mean, since when did the Talbutt’s jump out of a plane and hurl off bungee bridges? Somewhat unheard of until 2012! He’s acquired a log book of experiences and stories to tell. In fact this is one of the main reasons he left, I remember him saying: “Nat, we’re becoming those people who go off and have stories to tell!”

He’s demonstrated that it’s perfectly possible to take yourself out of your comfort zone, with a bit of money in your pocket; you can become acquainted with another lifestyle, people and culture. It’s all accessible, as well as nerve wracking.  

“You know, one day you’re going to run out of money”

As my big bro. edge’s ever closer to the capped age of 30, which means he won’t be able to apply for another WHV, I’m here with no ties, a last token of money and a taster for exploring the new. I also have 6 more years until I reach this capped age and it seems almost silly not to take the opportunity to have one final adventure before my bank balance says NO! One of my favourite remarks from a nervous (idiot) friend was: “you know, one day you’re going to run out of money” So, apparently moving to another country costs money, who knew?

I’m a planner, you see, caused by having parents that take no less than 6 months to make any single decision, be it a new roll of wallpaper or a quick bite for lunch. This isn’t a bad quality to have, running head first into a decision is a sure disaster, you need background, time, imagination – but at the same time you don’t need to take a decade to figure it out. This hasty visa purchase was a sure sign that I wanted something else, even though my head didn’t really know the logistics of it at the time.

Let’s try not get to get too panicked about the big plan and enjoy the ride to follow –   she says with tense restless shoulders.


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