GAME: For all those Europeans – Prepare yourself for some utterly stupid Aussie lingo

OK so I’ve just moved to this BEAUTIFUL suburb called Summer Hill and in this little pocket of Sydney you can expect to count just one pub. This pub is called The Summer Hill Hotel.

I got rather giddy the evening I signed up to take a home in this lovely place and decided to explore every potential aspect of my new space and so I stumbled into the Hotel in full celebratory mode to down a glass of wine and say “yeah, well done Natty!” Naturally one of the first questions I asked the hotel was whether they had a swimming pool in the facilities.




But Why?

Let it be known to all Europeans that beckon upon Sydney with suitcase in tow that when Australia says something is a Hotel, its not, it’s a “hotel”.  Sorry, lets put it in plain English: It’s a pub.

Why they insist on titling almost every other pub in the city a hotel is beyond me and frankly way too confusing for the idle wanderer.

It turns out I was the TENTH person from Europe THAT WEEK to ask them whether they were actually a hotel – a question that would never have crossed my mind if a dear friend hadn’t bluntly pointed out “erm…you do know this isn’t actually a hotel. You know, like, you find an ‘Inn’ in the UK”

Also…hello? If something was called an “Inn” I would also anticipate the building to accommodate those sleepy travellers. Those poor Europeans running around Sydney, knocking on every Hotel door only to discover it’s a total lie.

Now all I can see are pubs, sorry, ‘hotels’. They are literally everywhere in the city.

Don’t be a knob – be prepared for this (stupid) Australian quirk and save yourself the journey of disappointment when there is no swimming pool in the pub.



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