SLEEP: Its official I live and work in Sydney, Australia!

Its official guys, I live and work in Sydney, Australia!

My neck is crushed from crawling my arse across the city with that suitcase AND backpack. I don’t think I’ve accumulated that much more gear. A bottle of wine perhaps. OK two. Totally worth the neck ache…

As I was heading to my new home in Sydney I realised that this was it. I was finally settling in.

Talking about getting a job in Sydney (that’s relevant to what I’m interested in), finding a roof over my head (at a reasonable price. no sharing)  suddenly seems more possible than it has for months. Sort of.

Maybe my new housemates will be the people I’ll be in contact with for years to come. Maybe not. Maybe something totally brilliant and epic is going to change from this move. Or maybe not.

Who knows – I’m just happy to be here ! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to re-arrange my furniture in my new room. Its in Sydney you know. The one in Australia. Yup I live there, no – here. Yeah its cool.  Sure, no problem, I’ll go pour a glass…

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