GAME: Six Things You Soon Learn About Sydney, Australia

UNO: The City Bugs

Cockroaches live here. Even in the most luxurious of apartments. At night they like to eat the residue of your toothbrush. Just be warned.

DOS: Meal Deal? Pfft!

It’s almost impossible to find a Meal Deal. $10 is a staple price to pay just for your grub. Wave goodbye to Tesco’s Mega Deal: packed sandwich, crisps, fruit and a drink all for less than a fiver.

You can find 2 large sushi rolls for $5 + $1 for Soup (optional extra) + $2 for a drink (optional extra). Yeah, make your own lunch.

TRES: Where you to?

Newtown is the up and coming place to go out and if your budget can push it, to live. Kings Street is lined with bars and restaurants with a bohemian, flip-flops and all welcome vibe.

CUATRO: Cock – a – Clock?

A drink in the city can be up to $7-10, if you find something for $5 then you’re winning. Happy Hour along Darling Harbour is a place to go around 4pm – 7pm. Cocktails $10, Beers and Wine $5/6. Be Happy. Be Drunk. Every Friday at 9pm fireworks are set off, too.


Aldi Supermarket is considered a big deal here. Weirdly in the UK it’s one of those supermarkets you don’t really opt for. I guess we have the big guns: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Co-Op, Lidle’s. In Australia they have Coles and Aldi.

SEIS: Black & Gold

Black & Gold Chocolate. It is neither “value that can be trusted”, as it promises, or is it “quality assured”, as its packaging seems to tick. Please, for your taste buds sanity, pay that extra dollar and go Cadbury’s – go for the real stuff.

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