Take Me There: Nimbin – By Name, By Reptuation

DSCF0025Nimbin: a place where if you haven’t yet visited you would have heard of by reputation.

In my head Nimbin was going to be a remote, dusty village with few amenities, dirt tracks like those in the desert, crowds of hippies with shaky eyes and police officers just on the outskirts ready to search you for that stash you just bought.

In reality, Nimbin is a place like no other. The street is a mile long with 1 bar that’s attached to the only hostel around, a pizza place, a museum, an information centre and lots of boutique shops selling hippy drug stuff.  The road is tarmac and the streets are empty, apart from the few people skulking on benches in their own sort of reality.


People aren’t intimidating but they are certainly the most bohemian wanderers I’ve ever come across. There doesn’t seem to be much to do here, unless you’re big on smoking, in which case you’re not really there ever.

We had a drink in the only bar and ate pizza in the only pizza place.

Then we got the hell out of Texas.

Stay time: An afternoon trip
Amusement rating: 10/10 gobsmacked! 

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