LIVE: 3 Beaches to visit in Sydney – NOT Bondi Beach!

Whilst looking for a job in Sydney I have also taken the necessary research to find the best beaches in and around Sydney City, other than the infamous Bondi Beach.

Here is a list of beautiful beach locations to sample while you’re in Australia.

 Bronte Beach, Waverley

Pronounced: brownt – eh. This tucked away luxury is close to Bondi but has more of a scenic touch, with parks in the backdrop, a short promenade walk, small cafes and picnic areas.  

bronte beach

Due to poor timing I only spent an hour or two here, which is sad because it actually took the same amount of time to get there, thanks to my complete inability to navigate around the city.

When you eventually discover Bronte beach you realise it’s becoming a newly discovered jaunt for those that loathe Bondi Beach. It’s the escape for residential tourists from those by-passing tourists.

 Cronulla Beach, Sutherland Shire

Think palm trees, long walks, zero tourists, body boarders, clear water, fish and chips.It’s really fucking cool.cronulla beach


Collins Beach, Manly

This beach is kind of a big deal. It was the place I enjoyed my first swim in Australia and it turns out to be one of the most isolated beaches in Sydney.

collins beach

We went for a walk in the nature reserve of Manly, which is brilliant fun with all the rock climbing and vista points; then we found this little cove tucked away. A little gem to finish a great walk, as the sun set we crossed our fingers no fish (sharks) were in the water and lulled around in the clear ocean cocooned by forest and sailing boats bobbing just ahead.


*Please note the really cool looking images are taken from Google Images



2 thoughts on “LIVE: 3 Beaches to visit in Sydney – NOT Bondi Beach!

  1. love to be back on your reads my dear… gotta say i always go for the lonely ones.. dont like the sardine-in-a-can feeling :p

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