GAME: Where to celebrate your birthday in Sydney

There is an abundance of seriously cool (and expensive) places to view, sample and indulge in Sydney. This week I turned 25 and being so far from home made the decision a little tricky. In the end I decided to evolve my big day around food, good people and wine. Naughty!

With varying budgets and interests here are a few categories to inspire your next celebrations in Sydney, Australia.


Big Budget: $100 + Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Big Budget: Have a meal and then see a show at the Opera Theatre

Normal Person Budget: $10 Comedy Show for 2 hours? See The Laugh Garage Comedy Club

Wine and Dine

Normal Person Budget: $20 a head, Wagaya Restaurant, see  my recent review for full details!

Big Budget: $60 a head, Spinning Tower of Sydney. This is kind of a big deal with a gradual 360 degree view of the city while you gorge into the buffet.

Just Drink

Happy Hour at Darling Harbour,  Daily

Spinning Tower of Sydney, if you can’t afford the buffet just pop in for an expensive cocktail!



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