LIVE: A Sydney Romance

My mood for this city has altered a fair bit in the last few weeks and that has everything to do with not being settled right now.

The search for a brand spanking new job and a new abode is certainly testing. The highs and lows of moving and integrating into a different country, culture and lifestyle is proving to be my biggest challenge yet. I’m just grateful they speak a kind of English (you beauty!).

So while I’ve been locked on this laptop over the last three weeks, I’ve almost forgotten that there’s a big, beautiful city to explore. I’ve found myself falling completing in love with Sydney, but as I find with great cities, it really gets my attention at night when no cars move and the pace of things is this wicked combination of  everything or nothing. Live bands, good food, endless bars; or just sit back in the parks, snuggled up on rugs with a picnic.

Do you have a romance with Sydney, too?


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