EAT: Recommend Wagaya Japanese Restaurant, Sydney

IMG_3411As some of you may know this week I turned the dear old age of 25. Deciding what to do, where to go and who to party with was a little tricky, especially being so far from home. In the end I settled on a recommendation that promised a funky ambiance and delicious food: Wagaya Restaurant. Located in Haymarket, just by Darling Harbour and China Town. This is a key spot for a bit of drinking by the bobbing harbour before you eat.

* See this site, Top 10 Happy Hours in Darling Harbour, an essential guide to bar hop in Sydney.

When I called to make a reservation I was asked whether I wanted the first or second sitting. To save you the embarrassment of asking what the hell they’re talking about let me fill you in. A ‘first sitting’ means you arrive, eat and leave between the hours of 5 and 8. ‘Second sitting’ is between 8 and closing. We went for the 8pm sitting and brought our own booze. For $2 a head they ‘open’ your wine, give you chilled buckets and of course those glasses to drink out of. It actually works out cheaper to do the BYO.

To eat may I recommend the Rainbow Roll, California Roll and Prawn Tempura. You order by tapping a touch screen menu – even the tap water’s ordered this way – so be prepared to step into the new age of dining!

Let the sushi and bubbles flow.

P.s. The wasabi is hot, really really hot.


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