LIVE: Byron Bay, Sea, Sex Sand?

Byron Bay, a place where ‘far out’ is a catch phrase to millions and its beach has become not just a destination but a historical landmark defining Australia’s Gold Coast culture.


Byron is a spot for hippies to canoodle, entrepreneurs of all kinds to test their theories and lay-abouts to surf during the day and party all night.


The pace of this beach-town is livelier than its Northern neighbour, Coolangatta, who is the Gold Coasts silent mistress.  Byron attracts big crowds, mostly heard through driving traffic along the worn-down side shops, bustling cafes and bars.

It is essentially just another town by the beach and if you’re looking for a cliché destination combing beach bum with drinking then this is it.

There’s not much else to do in Byron except walk to the notorious, “most Easterly point of Australia”, a tourist spot on route to the whitest lighthouse you’ve ever seen. This is a 1 ½ to 2 hour round trip completing 3-4k; it’s actually a pretty cool lighthouse in its sort of bumpy Egyptian design. The views are wonderful and the coastal walk is steep in places to make the trek challenging and interesting enough.



If you’re staying a little longer in Byron Bay then you can look into extreme activities on offer: scuba diving, sky-diving, snorkeling. But most of the time you will either be hung over or sun-burnt to care for anything else but siesta on Byron’s golden beach.


How did you enjoy your Byron Bay adventure?

To get to the most Easterly point of Australia head to Byron Bay beach, turn right and keep walking along the path.


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