Product: STA Travel, do you trust?

In the last year STA’s reputation has taken a variety of turns and not many of them good. For my first big travelling venture I booked my trip through them and on the most part they were helpful, until they messed up.

They have a huge inability to pick up where they’ve gone wrong and their small print gives you no compensation or reprimand to their mistakes, just persevere and they will eventually give you the compensation you deserve, even if small print says no.

For a first time traveller having some guidance booking accommodation and flights is a peace of mind thing, but a second and third time? No way.

To start with you learn that like your insurance you can book these things on your own, but initially it is a big deal and a bit scary, if only we had the confidence at the start.

Now I’ve got more confidence in how to organise everything and what to look for, I would still go into STA Travel for the brochures to get inspiration, there itineraries can be pretty good to get you thinking, but that’s all you really need from them: advice. You don’t need them to book the trip and you probably don’t want them to either, on the chance that they might totally cock-up, which is getting more and more likely these days.

 What’s your opinion?


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