Take me there: Something you should know about wwoofing/helpx/specified work in Australia

If you are looking for a second visa in Australia you could find yourself either working on a farm or fruit picking and from this you will be exposed to insects at a higher rate than ever before, one of these buggers will be the tick.

 To aid you in your first few weeks of meeting these creatures may I personally warn you that these pests appear to be on the rise, for reasons to do with the weather shifting from high heat to wet conditions.

 If you find one of these attached to you don’t run to your nearest counterpart and get them to rip it out with tweezers, as I did, this only encourages them to hold on tighter and release their venom. Instead, add Vaseline or Tea Tree Oil and the suckers gradually come out and fall off all alone.

 Welcome to the countryside!

 If you do freak out and rip the bugger off then a small, hard, pink lump will form, which you must add Tea Tree Oil to every day for 1-2 months, or at least until it disappears. The venom shouldn’t hurt you if it’s a black head. If it’s white then seek assistance medically immediately, these are the parasites that have been killing off cattle. They are small but very, very deadly.

 They like warmth and moisture so be sure to double check your underarms, the nape of your neck/hair line and breast bone.

 Why no one warned me of these or advised what to do if and when I found the tick is beyond me. Although another helper on the farm who has been almost everywhere with me since arriving didn’t have any hassle for the last 2 months on the farm, it seems to be mostly a case of bad luck.

 So there you are, be prepared and be safe.



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