Take Me There: A Look into Australia’s Country Party Life

We were invited up to the local bar to see a band called Floorboards, an event keenly scribbled into the community’s calendar months, possibly years, in advance.

After much anticipation we walked into the local bar where it became evident by the locals confident swagger and shaking hips that they had been there since mid-day, not just to secure seats for the show hours ahead of time, but to merrily pass the hours before such entertainment reached the little town of Krambach: home to cows and eccentrics.

We witnessed the fist two brave women (the two most shit faced) to strut their stuff on the dance-floor by the hour of 8(pm); it was just a few minutes before half the pub joined in and it seemed anyone who lived in Krambach over the age of 50 was ready for the stage, which the Floorboards appreciated, as we 20-somethings stood on the side safely resuming our dignity – or so we thought – sipping our gross 2 dollar wine and feeling very sophisticated in comparison.

If there is one thing to take from this bunch it is that they know how to enjoy themselves, as their big night continued on we decided to run away and were in bed by 10(pm); unsure if what we had seen was completely hilarious or rather a sad snippet of what happiness is to a small town.


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