LIVE: My Junk

“So yeah are they like sexy, lacy ones?”

“No, not really, they’re just those loose comfy pyjamas”

“Oh…and like what colour are they?”

“Kind of a chequered blue and pink colour”

“Oh man, they sound like super sexy! Shit, listen – there are some weirdo’s around here. I’ll tell you a story, OK…”

After a few days of failing to find my pyjamas in the hostel it was time to ask reception aka. “Lost Property” if they had come about my much missed jammies. What I was now confronted with was an American, who was trying to make the situation less crap, in that American way, sadly he was also brutally annoying – did he not understand that I was on a budget and my stuff was missing?

 …they forgot something so they came back to their dorm room and this woman was like trying on all of their stuff. Fucked up, right?

Every item becomes sacred and on large this is from expense, you just don’t want to spend your budget on extra bits and bobs because you left them in the bathroom hanging on the back of a door peg for 3 days. Clothing, equipment and product all become very important and you find yourself morphing into that other, possessive adult who reads instructions on the tumble dryer a little more carefully because if it messes up it’s your own monies and gear you’re wasting. Take care of your stuff on the road!

 Seriously though that’s a bummer, if it turns up I’ll let you know.

My jammies did make a re-appearance some days later, on the floor outside the bathroom. They have been washed several times since and I now realise how sad one can get upon losing even the most ridiculous of items.


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